Exposed Beams

Exposed beams make a spectacular statement in any room. Fortunately, we have discovered that they are not just for barns anymore. The allure of post and beam goes far beyond function. Whether beams are used over head or as posts, they define the soul of a structure. As design elements, they may appear as rustic, traditional, contemporary, or even modern. Regardless of their form or function, they always speak with authority, permanence, and stability. They say, “I`m strong and here to stay”. That… is comforting! Plankmaker offers exposed beams in all reclaimed woods and specialty species. We maintain a good supply of beams with either authentically hand hewn or original sawn surfaces. In addition, we offer hand planning, hand hewing, sand blasting, and other surface treatments for exposed beams that are sawn from other reclaimed wood or specialty stock in our inventory.