Floor Maintenance

Plankmaker sells both UV Oiled floors and Natural Oiled floors. UV Oiling is done in the factory under UV lights. This speeds up the drying time while adding an additional layer of protection to the floor. A UV Oiled floor does not need any special treatment after installation. Just a normal cleaning and maintenance routine is all that is needed. A Natural Oiling means that natural oil has been applied to the unfinished board`s surface by hand. It is then put on special racks to dry. Natural Oiled floors can be treated again and again with additional coats of oil as desired. You can sweep or vacuum your floors as often as you want. However, be careful not to scratch the floor with the vacuum head while you are working. And, always be sure that you are using the soft bristle setting on your vacuum cleaner.

We recommend Murphy`s Oil Soap for quick and easy cleaning of your floor. It comes in an easy to handle bottle with simple instructions. Simply use a clean, lightly damp mop on a dust free area of the floor. Then, repeat this procedure until you have completed the whole area or room. Natural Oiled and UV Oiled floors both do require regular maintenance and cleaning. Murphy`s Oil Soap is easy to use. Once applied, its specially formulated ingredients quickly penetrate your floor and protect it. Maintaining your floor not only keeps it looking good, it actually improves and strengthens your floor as well.