Reclaimed Spruce

Reclaimed Spruce is a beautiful wood that is available abundantly and economically as a reclaimed specie. It is reddish blonde in color and has a lovely knotty, rustic character. Reclaimed Spruce makes beautiful flooring and paneling for any room in your home. It is one of the few reclaimed species that is still priced very reasonably. Historically, Spruce was used on early airplanes and for finely made musical instruments. Interestingly, it was also selected as the material of choice for the early walkway over the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. Early Spruce loggers were ridiculed by ax men for taking down the towering Eastern White Pines, and it wasn’t until those forests were depleted that Spruce became a significant commercial specie. White Pine built early New York through the middle of the 19th century. But, from there on, the housing that sheltered our immigrant grandparents was served by the mighty Spruce.

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3/4 " x 3 " to 8 "