About Plankmaker

Plankmaker’s main focus is creating wide plank flooring in Antique Heart Pine and other rare species. However, we offer Hand Hewn Beams, Cabinet Stock, Millwork and Furniture as well. Plankmaker products are the finest such products you can buy anywhere. Whether you choose reclaimed 200 year old stock, or the beautiful wide planks we produce from managed forests, our standards of premium quality and superb craftsmanship are always present. Plankmaker can craft either solid or engineered wide plank floors up to 24″ wide and 40′ feet long.

Our engineered floors come standard in 3/4″ (19mm) thickness with a 4mm or 5mm sawn wear layer. A variety of surface and edge treatments are possible with either floor. These include square edge, brushed, and hand planed. All floors can be nailed, glued or floated over radiant heat, concrete, and wooden subfloors.

About Antique Heart Pine

Plankmaker`s  premier specie, the Southern Longleaf Pine, has deep roots in the history and architectural heritage of our country. When the first explorers and colonists arrived on our shores, they found the magnificent Southern Longleaf Pines growing in a relatively small area along the southern Atlantic and Gulf coasts. These “King of the Pines” grew up to 170′ in height, and as large as 5′ in diameter, and had taken from 150 to 450 years to mature. Because these great pines grew so slowly in the virgin forests, a predominance of close-grained heartwood formed in them which produced a building material that was unexcelled for strength, durability and beauty.

Our ancestors quickly realized the value of “Heart pine”, as it became called, and it was widely used by the colonists for homebuilding, shipbuilding, warehouses, mills, bridges, wharves, and viaducts. Its natural resistance to rot and decay is clearly evident in the fact that many of these 17th and 18th Century structures still remain in sound condition even today. The beauty of its straight grain and mellow patina made it “the wood of choice” for flooring, paneling, cabinetry and furniture in the fine homes of this Colonial era.

Because of the scarcity of suitable timber in Europe, these pines were highly coveted there. King George II of England declared all straight pines over 24″ in diameter to be the property of the Crown, and he charged his royal surveyors with the task of branding the King’s mark on these prized trees. The colonists, not wanting to relinquish their rights to such a valuable commodity demonstrated their objections by tarring and feathering the King’s surveyors. This is noted as a very early indication of the colonists’ revolutionary spirit.The great demand for heart pine, as well as improper use and lack of reforesting, caused these trees to quickly disappear. Virgin forests that were estimated to represent 200 billion board feet of lumber were quickly consumed by the needs of a growing country. Today, less than I% of virgin longleaf pines remains. 

However, a strong and thriving industry has developed for the reclamation and recycling of Longleaf Yellow Pine. These reclaimed materials from southern longleaf Pine are referred to as Antique Heart Pine.  Plankmaker was one of the founders of the industry and we are pleased to be making this unique resource available once again. As early American mills, factories, and warehouses are taken down for the construction of modern buildings, we reclaim their timbers, beams and decking. We then craft them into beautiful, authentic products every day. We create flooring, stairparts, molding, doors, and fine furniture for our many customers and ship them worldwide.

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