Antique Douglas Fir

There are many historical claims of Douglas Fir trees that were 350 to 400 feet tall. There was a notable Douglas fir that was felled in Lynn Valley, BC in 1902 which was 415 feet tall, and 14 ft 3″ in diameter at the base. In 1897, a fir tree was reportedly felled in Whatcom County, Washington that was 465 ft tall. It was 33 ft 11 in circumference at the base. It was 10 feet 10 inches in diameter, and 220 feet to the first branch. It scaled 96,345 board feet, and was 480 years old according to its growth rings. 465 feet in height places that Douglas fir as tallest tree in the Northern hemisphere.Thus, as one might suspect, the Antique Douglas Fir available from reclaimed Douglas Fir timbers comes in amazing dimensions! Plankmaker has few limits in this specie. With sufficient production time allowed, we are able to make these wide plank floors up to 24” in width and 16′ and longer in length. They are available as either solids or engineered.


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