Siberian Heart Larch

Larch looks so much like Antique Heart Pine that only experts can tell the difference. And, like Heart Pine, one of the most beneficial characteristics of Old Growth larch is its natural durability and decay resistance. This unique quality is due to its extremely high resin content. Also, since Old Growth Larch grows very slowly, it has very tight growth rings which give it superior stability. For many centuries, the world has witnessed the unique performance of Old Growth Larch in a variety of applications. These experiences have earned Old Growth Larch the name, “The Tree of Eternity”. In fact, there are numerous homes and churches in Russia today that are more than 800 years old. Perhaps the most famous example of the longevity of Old Growth Larch is its use as pilings and other woodwork in the construction of the ancient city of Venice…believed to be over 1,000 years old.


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