Antique Chinese Elm

Antique Chinese Elm is one of the most beautiful antique floors that we offer. It is very hard and durable as well. This amazing floor is reclaimed from structures that are 200 to 400 or more years old. The source of this material is predominantly from very old rural structures in China that are being taken down in its huge ongoing plan for modernization. The front doors of these old buildings in China are almost always made from simple vertical planks of Elm. These old planks retain their superior hardness and toughness and are a precious resource for our handmade products. Chinese Elm is the hardest of all Elms and renowned for its many wonderful properties. It is also one of the most handsome of all reclaimed species in the world. Our use of this beautiful material is predominantly for engineered wide plank flooring, parquetry and furniture. However this unique material is available in all product categories with sufficient planning.


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