Old Face

Antique Barn Wood is usually sold in truckload lots of many mixed species…usually there are about 9 different types of wood. We buy large quantities of Barn Wood and reclaimed it, carefully separating each plank into the correct specie and quality. We have established the 9 specific categories of Barn Wood Species. Occasionally, there might be an odd board here or there in some other specie, but there are 9 main categories. We also separate Barn Wood by color sometimes into Browns, Reds, and Grays. This product is used for paneling as well as flooring. The samples shown have been sanded for identification purposes (except for those in the 3 color categories). Initially, all barn wood is weathered in appearance. Plankmaker offers Barnwood in both solid and engineered categories. We also offer a full line of barnwood moldings and stairparts. Each barnwood specie is unique. After we separate out our browns, greys and reds for color, we thickness plane all other boards on their back sides so that we can identify each separate specie that has been used in a particular building. We sometimes find boards with unique graining and figure. These will invariably be ear marked for making furniture. Also, our wide plank barnwood, usually in (9″, 10″ 12″) widths is often sold out several months in advance. It`s a good idea to plan your project well in advance if you plan to use antique wood of any kind.


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