Old Original Floors

These planks always have their original surface wear and color. They may contain mixed grain patterns with knots and other natural character markings throughout without limit. Nail holes, minor cracks or other distressed markings may be present. Old Original Floorboards usually come from original dwellings which can vary from 100 years to 600 years old. The surfaces of these floorboards are typically worn silky smooth by the hands and feet of their owners. They are usually planed to a uniform thickness using their top surface as a reference. These floorboards can be either wide plainsawn planks (8” to 20” widths) or random width select quartersawn planks (5” to 7.5” widths). Old Original Floorboards can be made from either old barn floorboards or old wall paneling. The most import feature is the presence of their original surface wear and color. These planks will generally range in width from 5.5” to 6.5” wide. However, widths can sometimes reach widths of 12″ or more, depending on location and specie.


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