Old Original


Old Original floorboards should always be your first option if possible. They are beautifully authentic! The color and texture of old original floors with a natural oil finish is the most beautiful floor attainable. If you prefer a perfectly uniform surface, they can always be lightly sanded, taking care to preserve as much original color as possible. If you prefer a more redish-orange color, typical of antique pine, you simply need to take off a little more of the old original surface.


All of our beams are hand hewn and reclaimed from original structures. Our beams are available in a variety of sizes. Long lengths are sometimes available. Customers should allow extra time for locating particular beam sizes. However, we usually have beams for rafters, ceilings, and posts readily available.


“Old Face” means that these Old Original boards still have all of their original surface wear and color. They are typically thickness planed using their top layer as the reference. Usually, these boards are 3/4″ in thickness. Other thicknesses are available. We recommend natural oil as a finish for these boards. Original surface color is highly sought after.


In this bedroom the owner chose to sand his original floors to contrast with the natural old original paneling and natural old original beams which maintain both their original wear and surface coloring. Natural Oil is the only finish we recommend on wood.


Hewn planks have a variety of uses. Probably the most common use is to create "boxed beams" for use as exposed beams rather than using solid exposed beams. They are also frequently used for  facia boards and as trim.


Engineered Multilayer floors are a much better alternative than solid wood floors. They have all of the assets of solid wood floors with none of their liabilities. All of our Multilayer floors can be installed anywhere and everywhere with ease. They can be installed above grade, on grade and below grade. They can be installed in basements, in attics, at the ocean or in the mountains with ease. That is an unusual quality for any floor!