Long and Wide

EXTRA LONG FLOORS reveal at a distance the fact that you are looking at something quite extraordinary. In the old days, such wall to wall lengths of wide plank floors was common because each plank was uniquely hand made for the specific room in which it was to be used. That is not the case today because there is a completely different manufacturing mentality. However, more and more consumers with discriminating tastes are now demanding floors that are uniquely authentic and that effectively unify and enlarge a room simultaneously…thus giving the room an elegant, yet rustic appeal that is both unique as well as innovatively historical…in other words…awesome!

EXTRA WIDE FLOORS just as their extra long counterparts, are instantly recognized as being singularly outstanding. Due to the nature of reclaimed wood in general, most reclaimed extra wide floors range from 10 inches to 16 inches in width and from 12 feet to 16ft+ in length. There are exceptions to that rule. We sometimes are able to acquire reclaimed woods up to 30 feet in length. However, additional time is required. Our old growth timbers will easily produce widths up to 20 inches wide. But, no matter which extra wide product you choose, it will probably be the first thing you notice as you enter a room, and the last thing you look at before you leave.


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